The latest book is a second edition of our popular doctoral writing book. There is a book for doctoral researchers on the way.


It’s co-written with Barbara Kamler and published by Routledge.


KAMLER, B and THOMSON, P 2014 Helping doctoral students write; Pedagogies for supervision. London: Routledge. Second edition

THOMSON, P and KAMLER, B 2013 Writing for peer reviewed journals. Strategies for getting published. London: Routledge

David Fulton Creative Learning series. 2011 (Eds) series Editors Pat Thomson, Julian Sefton Green and Naranee Ruthra Rajan: Five books for teachers.

SEFTON GREEN, J, THOMSON, P, BRESLER, L,  eds., 2011. The Routledge International Handbook of Creative Learning. London: Routledge.

WRIGLEY, T, THOMSON, P LINGARD, Eds. 2011. Changing schools: Alternative ways to make a world of difference, Routledge.

THOMSON, P and SEFTON GREEN J Eds 2010 Researching creative learning. Methods and issues London: Routledge

WALKER, M and THOMSON  P 2010 Eds. The Routledge doctoral supervisor’s companion: Supporting effective research in education and the social sciences. London: Routledge

THOMSON, P and WALKER, M 2010. Eds The Routledge doctoral students’ companion: getting to grips with research in education and the social sciences. London: Routledge

THOMSON, P.2009 School leadership – heads on the block? London: Routledge. (Highly commended British Education Studies book prize, 2011)

THOMSON, P, Ed., 2008. Doing visual research with children and young people. London: Routledge.

THOMSON, P., 2007. Whole school change: a review of the literature. London: Arts Council England. Second edition 2010

KAMLER, B. and THOMSON, P., 2006. Helping doctoral students write: pedagogies for supervision. Routledge.

REID, A., THOMSON, P.L., Eds., 2003. Rethinking public education: towards a public curriculum. Brisbane: Post Pressed.

THOMSON, P., 2002. Schooling the rustbelt kids: making the difference in changing times. Stoke on Trent: Trentham Books Ltd. Sydney: Allen and Unwin

THOMSON, P and WELLARD, S 1999 Getting a grip: postcritical approaches to research. Geelong: Deakin University Press

Forthcoming and in press

THOMSON P 2016 Bourdieu and Educational Leadership. London: Routledge
Part of:
Critical Studies in Educational Leadership book series, Routledge Series Editors Pat Thomson, Jill Blackmore and Helen Gunter.

KAMLER B and THOMSON P 2016 Detox your writing. A source book for doctoral researchers. London: Routledge

THOMSON P and HALL C 2016 Place based research methods in education. London: Bloomsbury.

HALL, C and THOMSON,P 2017. Inspiring school change: Arts and education in action. London: Routledge

I have written over 150 chapters and refereed journal articles since 2000, and you can see a relatively up to date list on my university webpage.

A lot of my papers are available on researchgate and

8 Responses to books

  1. Ahmad Salih says:

    Hello Pat,

    When will the second edition of “Helping doctoral students write: Pedagogies for supervision” be published?


  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Pat, when will the book for doctoral students be available? I absolutely love “writing for peer reviewed journals” and would definitely be interested in something along those lines aimed at thesis writing- will the forthcoming book cover that?

    Many thanks


  3. Heather McClue says:

    Waiting anxiously for the new book Pat. Just to say a huge thanks also for ‘Patter’. I find your blogs motivational and they are helpful in clarifying the writing process for me as a new EdD student (1st year – it’s been quite hard). Keep writing. Huge thanks

    Heather McClue


  4. neil henderson says:

    Hi Pat,
    I am post-graduate co-ordinator for social work in South Africa and am trying to get hold of your recent publications from Routledge in SA but there are delays here. Is there another way of getting hold of the book on doctoral theses and writing journal articles…


  5. Ahmad Salih says:

    Thanks, Pat. I appreciate the prompt response.


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