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word repetition… just find substitutes? 

The problem of word over-use often occurs when you are reporting what other people have written or told you. How, for instance, can you avoid writing ‘said’ over and over? Reading the same word several times can be extremely boring. … Continue reading

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(re)framing “public engagement”

This is from something I wrote a long time ago, but it still seems to have relevance. My writing ‘voice’ betrays its origin in a formal academic publication. However, the notion that academic work and academics’ learning continues in, through … Continue reading

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academic creativity in the here and now

One of the benefits of a bit of down time is that the occasional thought comes to you, apparently from nowhere. Perhaps the thought might be the beginning of a new idea, perhaps an insight into an ongoing project, a new … Continue reading

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my holiday reading – not the usual

So it was winter graduation. And there in the front row, three academic women. Floppy hats, robes of various colours. Tut tutting as the Jimmy Choos and Laboutins and various cheaper copies, all towering heels, went teetering past to audience … Continue reading

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starting the phd – comparing and contrasting papers

Wondering how to bring some of those texts you are reading together? Working with literatures always requires you to summarise, then compare and contrast various aspects of a text. This is a little exercise I often ask people to do right … Continue reading

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things to do during your Phd – an internship, with granola

This guest post is written by Dr Lexi Earl. Lexi has just completed her PhD in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham. Her research looked at the experiences of food in schools. Lexi blogs as philosophy and madeleines: surviving a PhD with … Continue reading

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