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starting the phd – comparing and contrasting papers

Wondering how to bring some of those texts you are reading together? Working with literatures always requires you to summarise, then compare and contrast various aspects of a text. This is a little exercise I often ask people to do right … Continue reading

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things to do during your Phd – an internship, with granola

This guest post is written by Dr Lexi Earl. Lexi has just completed her PhD in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham. Her research looked at the experiences of food in schools. Lexi blogs as philosophy and madeleines: surviving a PhD with … Continue reading

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starting the PhD – getting to grips with “the university”

The PhD is a big undertaking. Your association with the university is going to last for some time. So it’s as well to know some basics at the start. The first thing to understand is that a university is a complex … Continue reading

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starting the PhD – setting up your routine

At the start of the PhD you need to sort out how you will accomplish the necessary reading, and the writing that relates to the reading. You may have to write a much larger PhD proposal than the one that … Continue reading

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getting ourselves onto media – a case of “just do it”?

I see another one of those articles about hopeless academics is doing the rounds again. You know the ones – we academics live in la la land and wilfully speak in big words that no ordinary person can understand. We talk … Continue reading

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researcher identity – insider and outsider?

It’s not unusual to hear people talk about insider and outsider research. Outsiders are, obviously, people who come into a research site. They don’t work there every day. Insiders on the other hand are people who do inhabit the school/office/hospital/university/buildingsite … Continue reading

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literature work in a journal article – the introduction

I was recently asked how much literature should go in the introduction of a journal article and how much should go in a separate literature section. This is a hard, as well as a good, question. It’s something that bothers … Continue reading

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