writing for journals


This blog has a number of posts about writing for journals. I will sort them into something easier to work with when I get a day… In the meantime, here are some of the most popular posts I’ve done on journal writing.

concluding the journal article

writing for top ranked journals – what’s at stake

early career researchers and the high impact journal

Refereeing a journal article
Reading the article
Making a recommendation
Writing the feedback

Contacting journal editors

Reasons for rejection
lack of focus
self plagiarism
sounding like an inexperienced writer
inadequate signposting

What to do with a poor review

Sending articles to more than one journal

Giving feedback on a peer’s paper


There are also some very helpful pieces on other blogs

Rob Hyndman’s Research Tips


PhD 2Published

The Scholarly Kitchen on publishing metrics and reviewing

The research whisperer on publications

LSE impact of social sciences blog on academic publishing

Frances Bell’s blog on open publishing

Doug Belshaw blog on open source publishing, start here

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