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are you experienced (at writing journal articles)

So you’ve not written a lot of journal articles before, if any. Does this matter? Well not necessarily – but it might. When asked, journal editors almost always report that one of the major reasons for paper rejections is that … Continue reading

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can I get a book from my PhD?

Well maybe is the answer. Maybe. First of all, all PhDs can generate some refereed journal articles. But not all PhDs have enough in them to become a book. This is because the PhD and a book have to do … Continue reading

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picking the right publisher for your book

Why do you need to think about a publisher? Isn’t it enough to get a book out there? Well – yes and no. There is no point spending a year of your life writing a book if it is not going to reach the … Continue reading

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how to get going with writing

I had a comment last week on the writer’s block post. It was a suggestion that writing wasn’t hard if the writer was ‘at home’ with the material. However when that wasn’t the case, the writer could be blocked. I understand … Continue reading

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a musing on voice

Writing often feels like a private struggle to locate something inside our skulls and bring it falteringly onto a page. Initially the text appears as one that only we can see. Yet the thin thread of language links us to a world of … Continue reading

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