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can you do too much reading?

I’ve just reviewed four papers. Because the authors didn’t know their field(s) well enough, they were unable to convince me that their paper made a contribution to the journal conversation. All of the papers suffered, in my view, from their … Continue reading

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starting the #phd – searching the field

A completed PhD is not simply the result of getting a piece of research and a thesis done.  Getting these two big things done requires that you first of all need to get to know your field, or fields. And … Continue reading

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starting the PhD – write and write regularly

The PhD is not only about the actual research that you do. It is also about your capacity to: explain why your research is necessary show how your inquiry fits with and builds on existing research clearly state and justify … Continue reading

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five days five quotes challenge -#5

The last of my quotations addresses the need for writers to live in, and with, all manner of writings.  Read poetry every day of your life. Poetry is good because it flexes muscles that you don’t use often enough. Poetry expands … Continue reading

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five days five quotes challenge – #4

Today’s writing-related quotation is about notebooks. I have lots of them and I do mainly ethnographic research, so it’s not surprising that this speaks to me.  ( Keeping) the field notebook or diary (is) the making of a fetish: the construction, guarding, cherishing, … Continue reading

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five ways to structure a literature review

You’ve read. And read. And read. You’ve noted. And noted. And how. You’ve written summaries and memos. You’ve made groupings and mind-maps of the reading. But you’re still a bit away from actually writing about the literatures. You’re still not sure how to … Continue reading

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tate summer school – Friday

Throughout the school we have been extensively documenting our activities, then projecting, hanging and displaying the results. Sometimes this has been by ‘arranging’ the actual objects, at other times, by filming images, filming filming, filming performances, filming exercises, filming films. Projections … Continue reading

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