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tackling writer’s block

It’s pretty common for writers to get stuck with their writing. Most people of course find a solution of some kind. Eventually. Sometimes the stuckness goes away, apparently by itself. But sometimes the writer finds something else to work on. … Continue reading

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tame your inner writing demon

We all have writing demons. They go by various names – imposters, internal critics, inner editors, blockages, procrastinations … they are nasty and stop you writing. Mostly you wish they’d go away and just leave you be. But I’m here … Continue reading

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writer’s block

Today I bring you a fab little vimeo, a mash up of various films showing writers in difficulty. It’s by Ivan Kander and Ben Watts. Tap tap tap  on the keyboard the writers go. Pace, pace around the room. Waste bin filling up, filling … Continue reading

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you can’t always write what you want

I seem to spend a lot of time these days writing things that I don’t much like, things that I don’t want to write now, or perhaps ever. This writing feels like a chore, an obligation, a duty, a necessity. … Continue reading

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just write – then plan, and write again – in #acwrimo and beyond

Someone asked me the other day whether I thought ‘just write’ was a good idea. It is something that I support, although always with the caveat that it doesn’t work for everyone. I call this ‘writing along the way’ because … Continue reading

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how to get going with writing

I had a comment last week on the writer’s block post. It was a suggestion that writing wasn’t hard if the writer was ‘at home’ with the material. However when that wasn’t the case, the writer could be blocked. I understand … Continue reading

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writer’s block – can’t write/won’t write

Many researchers see writing as a chore, as something to be done after the fun part of generating and analysing data. Even though they know that putting analysis into words and a textual genre is part of the process of … Continue reading

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