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Pat Thomson is Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham, UK

tate summer school – Tuesday

Today’s focus was on performance and the camera. The day began with a viewing of the two sets of moving images that were made yesterday. These were screened side by side. We discussed elements of the film that seemed to … Continue reading

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tate summer school: Monday

Health warning – this week I am using my blog as part of ethnographic research at Tate. This is the fifth summer school I have attended as a participant researcher. The posts represent a first “cut” of notes taken during … Continue reading

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things to do during your #phd – attend a summer school

Many learned societies offer summer schools. Some universities and research networks do too. I’ve just been to one. I was one of eight lecturers at a sociology of education summer school organised through the European Educational Research Association ‘s @socedu28. The summer school … Continue reading

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on form and function – and Les Back’s Academic Diary

So you want to write a book which examines everyday life in the contemporary university. You want to show the ways in which academic work is constrained, but also what freedoms are still possible. You want to communicate the reasons … Continue reading

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an exercise in willpower

Willpower. The mysterious process you use to make yourself do something – or not, as the case may be. Chocolate? Not today thanks, I’ve got willpower. Oh go on then. I’ve got no will power when it comes to chocolate … Continue reading

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things to do during your #phd – sit on a university committee

In thus guest post Milena Popova and Jackie Barker, two PhD students from the University of the West of England reflect on 18 months acting as PhD representatives on university committees. Milena Popova is a PhD researcher at the Digital … Continue reading

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sift and sort – a revision strategy for a problem paper

Those of you who like to work with material stuff, moving actual objects around, might want to try to this revision strategy. It’s not too dissimilar to the computer based version, but here you get to use paper and scissors. … Continue reading

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