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thinking about research questions

I’ve been asked a few times to post about research questions. My response up to now has been that there is already a lot out there on the topic and I’m not sure what I could add. But of course … Continue reading

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getting research questions wrong – then right

It’s the time of year when beginning doctoral researchers start to think about formulating their research proposals. In addition to reading a lot – to locate their study and find useful ideas and approaches – they also have to come … Continue reading

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problem, problematisation – what’s the difference?

I’ve been thinking recently about problems. It’s probably because I edit an action research journal* where people very often begin their paper by outlining a problem that has arisen in their practice, and then go on to report an action … Continue reading

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what do research questions want?

Understanding what research questions want can be helpful. Different kinds of questions produce different kinds of knowledge contributions and often imply particular kinds of methods. Descriptive questions aim to provide some qualitative or quantitative information about something – they want … Continue reading

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