forced rest

You know all that advice which says Take a break. Turn off your email. Go somewhere you can’t connect. Well this.

Except it wasn’t planned that way. Suddenly and with no warning, patter finds herself out of contact with the world.

It’s a rude awakening to find yourself suddenly without web connections. No Twitter feed. No streaming services. No email. No way to make contact with anyone other than by slightly dodgy text and phone. And hot spot.

And as for all the planned work to be done this week? Well. If you have everything in the cloud. And your auto backup seems to have gone on holiday. What to do?

It seems a rest is in order. An ever so slightly ahead of time summer break. And given the impending hot days, it’s probably just as well.

Well I know there’s a way. Of course there’s a way if I want it. But funnily there’s little will. It seems as if there’s a temporary suspension of free will and patter will just go with it. So this is a long way of saying there’s no blog post this week. No handy writing advice.

Just me taking advantage of a bit of wifi hassle to down tools and sign off till next week. The universe has spoken. I’m reading detective novels. And going for early morning walks. Yes, everything that academics are told to do and rarely actually do. I’ve kicked in the out of office message and am now absent till next week. See you then.

About pat thomson

Pat Thomson is Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham, UK
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3 Responses to forced rest

  1. Catherine says:

    Hope you enjoy the rest and stay cool.

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  2. Kathleen Murphy says:

    Well earned rest, I would say. Still enjoying your writing, although my PhD now gained.

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  3. Jane Fellows says:

    Good for you! Well deserved

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