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coping with writing anxiety – or – learn to stroke your spider

Desensitisation is a psychological term. It is used to describe a process through which a very anxious – perhaps even phobic – person gradually becomes used to the object or situation which makes them afraid. Professional support is often required … Continue reading

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forget angry birds, make mine angry writing

I’m about to write another angry book. That is, a book motivated by anger. Real, proper rage. I’ve already written two angry books, and they are probably my best. I want to tell you about angry writing, because I keep … Continue reading

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starting the PhD – write and write regularly

The PhD is not only about the actual research that you do. It is also about your capacity to: explain why your research is necessary show how your inquiry fits with and builds on existing research clearly state and justify … Continue reading

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the blogging scramble

I’ve had cause to think about the blog in the last couple of weeks. In fact last week I abandoned the usual format and did something different – challenged myself to find five quotes that I really liked. They also … Continue reading

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starting the PhD – tech matters

These days, researchers are very dependent on their hardware and software. If you are just starting on a PhD, there are some tech matters that it’s good to sort out now. Many of these are hidden costs associated with doing doctoral research. … Continue reading

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five days five quotes challenge -#5

The last of my quotations addresses the need for writers to live in, and with, all manner of writings.  Read poetry every day of your life. Poetry is good because it flexes muscles that you don’t use often enough. Poetry expands … Continue reading

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five days five quotes challenge – #4

Today’s writing-related quotation is about notebooks. I have lots of them and I do mainly ethnographic research, so it’s not surprising that this speaks to me.  ( Keeping) the field notebook or diary (is) the making of a fetish: the construction, guarding, cherishing, … Continue reading

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