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writing to be read aloud

Many years ago I spent a pleasant mid morning sitting in the sun being read to. The occasion was a writers’ festival in my home town of Adelaide, Australia and the reader was Louis de Bernières. He’d just completed his … Continue reading

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boostering your introduction and conclusion

Academic writing is known for its use of qualifiers – usually words which tone down the claims that are made. We academics know it is impossible/incredibly difficult to establish a generalisable result though research, and our writing signals this difficulty … Continue reading

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thesis to journal article -where’s the paper?

The thesis is done. Now you are expected to write some papers from your PhD. You may of course be able to write a book  from your PhD – but not everyone can or does. Everyone does however have some papers … Continue reading

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beware the shoehorn – #researchfunding

For the last five years, I’ve directed a research development centre for the Arts and Social Sciences. I’ve just finished that job and am thinking about what I’ve learnt. This is one of the things that I’ve worried about. The dictionary tells me … Continue reading

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enough of the critique, at least some of the time? 

It’s holiday season. I’m away and having a tiny pause, a little reflect. Apologies to those of you who are seeking writing about writing. I sometimes do other things. Writing about writing will be back soon.  This week I’m musing.  … Continue reading

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tate summer school – Friday

Throughout the school we have been extensively documenting our activities, then projecting, hanging and displaying the results. Sometimes this has been by ‘arranging’ the actual objects, at other times, by filming images, filming filming, filming performances, filming exercises, filming films. Projections … Continue reading

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tate summer school – Thursday

Today was Analog Day with artist Bill Leslie. Bill is currently doing a PhD at Kingston asking the question “How do sculptures change when they are filmed or photographed?” We began the day hand colouring a strip of 16 ml … Continue reading

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