how is APRIL 1 for you – oh, just the usual game

Bourdieu says that academic work, like other areas of social, economic and cultural life, can be thought of as a game. This is/was my game today.

Academic Meeting 4.0

(Shortlisted for best British university simulation app, 2015)

What’s new in version 4.0?

Updated dictionary of euphemisms for Get on with it, Don’t let him speak again, No way are we doing that, When’s the coffee coming and What the hell is going on here.

New characters: Impact Management Director, Impact Management Deputy Director and Impact Marketing Manager; REF 2020 Coordinator; and Budget Readjustment Task and Finish group.

Bug fixes for crashes as Pro Vice Chancellor speaks.

Streamlined capacity to report off the record conversations via live tweeting.

Behind the scenes adjustments to make parking fines easier to accrue with reduced time to pay off.

Enhanced detail of attendees’ emails.

Expanded opportunities to add doodles to meeting agenda.

Improved compatability of new building programme with Times Higher league tables.

Added features: Increased sandwich choice, mystery meat on sticks removed and improved chocolate biscuits; live student social media lecture ratings.

Extension packs available for new IT system and changing logos.

So how is/was your day then? On or off your game? And which game are you playing?

About pat thomson

Pat Thomson is Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham, UK
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1 Response to how is APRIL 1 for you – oh, just the usual game

  1. Jane S says:

    Excellent April fool, Pat! And especially ‘new characters’ in the field of Impact Management. I wish it didn’t ring so true. But, do add in updates of acronyms and initialisms. , e.g., ‘KPIs’* These high-impact necessities admit us to the ranks of those-in-the-know. 😉
    The more acronyms we accrue and thus distribute, the more successful we are, h’m?
    [*Key performance indicators]
    If we can’t laugh in academia we’d surely cry. …


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