#tatesummerschool – day five

The last day of summer school provided time and space for people to explore the resources available in the Exchange and to look in more detail at what each of us had been doing/making/thinking.

The Exchange was to be available for a Late at Tate that night and so people also had the opportunity to prepare something for public viewing –  a work or a performance. People had the opportunity to work separately and together to finish off something they had been working on, or to produce something that showed where they were at, at this point in time.

(I unfortunately missed most of this 😦 as I’d developed a horrendous flu and just had to go home at lunch time. However I was told it was a great afternoon and evening. )

Pedagogical points:

  • producing work for public viewing makes learning more than an abstract exercise – it is ‘real’, and thus
    • encourages consolidation of an idea/line of thought
    • positions people to think about an ‘audience’, what responses they would like and how this might be produced
  • it is important to provide ample tech support to allow people to realise their ideas.


About pat thomson

Pat Thomson is Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham, UK
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