writing for publication – some beginning strategies​ …

This week – in fact, as this post publishes – I’m running a workshop on academic writing. I do run these kinds of workshops relatively often.

And I do really like an opportunity to have a bit of fun. Always. Writing is so often seen as hard work, so it’s important to try to make at least some of it seem a bit on the playful side.

So for this workshop, at the Undisciplining conference, I’ve gathered together some strategies that work well with a group that’s up for a bit of serious messing around. The strategies are ways of setting yourself up to write a journal article. They are designed to help you to clarify what you want to say before you start the really serious head down text work.

You might want to try some of these things out for yourself, or perhaps organise to do them with a friend.

About pat thomson

Pat Thomson is Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham, UK
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2 Responses to writing for publication – some beginning strategies​ …

  1. ginnybalf says:

    Great, but what is A + Alibi?


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