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can I cite a blog post?

Some people still tell their doctoral researchers that they can’t cite blogs. Really? Yes really. Just to start with …  of course you CAN cite blogs. The fact that all of the big citation styles – APA for instance – … Continue reading

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the perils of provenance

Steven Spielberg believes young filmmakers should understand the provenance of the ideas and conventions that they see in contemporary films. Speiberg argues that film-makers need to go back to learn from the past. It’s not all about the new and the now. Is … Continue reading

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some more issues with citations

One of the hallmarks of academic writing is the citation. There is very little other writing which bristles with brackets, or sits on a hefty foundation of footnotes. So it’s probably worth just noting the things to watch out for … Continue reading

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cite it right

A couple of weeks ago I noticed on my twitter feed someone – let’s call them Tweeter A – being advised by Tweeter B to ‘check out the original’. The original happened to be a writing strategy taken from Barbara’s … Continue reading

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misquoted, misunderstood? no, it’s misrepresentation that gets to me

A while ago I was part of a tweet conversation about being misquoted. I think it began with someone asking whether anyone had been misquoted and what it felt like. I said that I had, and volunteered to blog about … Continue reading

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